Posted by Carole White - Business Support Manager| 07/01/2014

“It is a testament to Angela Brown's vision, passion and energy that Training in Childcare has achieved such respect and credibility in the world of childcare training. From the inception of the business she has been driven in her quest for the highest quality of training, setting the very best possible standards.
Her enthusiasm for childcare is infectious and her team are highly motivated and committed with a clear set of values. I am delighted to nominate Training in Childcare for the National Training Awards as an exemplar in their field.”

Posted by D.G| 06/01/2014

“Thank you for all the encouragement, support and for believing in me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”

Posted by J.W| 06/01/2014

“This course has totally changed the way that I cope with and care for my son who has severe learning difficulties, autism, epilepsy and sight problems. I used to do everything for my son – I have learned how to support him and encourage his independence. I have learnt how to risk assess, safeguarding etc. This course makes us ‘work ready’ in every sense. It is delivered to the highest standards. My tutor was wonderful; she was so supportive and all her feedback was positive whilst pointing out areas of improvement. She was professional but kind and nurturing. I would recommend TIC highly!”

Posted by Anonymous| 06/01/2014

“The tutor of the course showed a great depth of knowledge and used great social stories to develop our knowledge of health and social care. Fantastic course, great venue and it really helped my self esteem."

Posted by Anonymous| 06/01/2014

“This course was so well delivered. My tutor was professional yet supportive and honest. She used clever strategies to help us remember facts. Clever use of resources. Having teaching assistants made a massive difference to the efficacy of the course. The learning materials were very good. Hours top suit those with family commitments.”