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Online Learning Platform

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Our online learning platform has been created to accommodate learners who are either geographically unable to attend physical classroom sessions, have commitments which prevent them from attending physical classroom sessions, or simply prefer to learn remotely online.

Each of our online courses consists of:

  • An Introduction: this informs the learner of how the course will run, what's expected of them, any relevant contacts, and relevant policies.


  • Resources: course content and any additional course resources are available under the resources tab. 


  • Assessment: course assessments are located under the assessment tab for learners to complete and submit. These are then marked by a tutor who responds to learners with feedback and corrections to be made for re-submission.  


  • Messaging function: in addition to learners being able to contact tutors via email and telephone, we also have a messaging function within the learning platform where learners can message their tutors directly with any queries.


  • Virtual meeting function: in order to involve our remote learners in the classroom environment we have created a virtual meeting facility which enables them to join our physical training sessions via our Poly Studio video bar; this new equipment tracks the tutor teaching in the classroom an enables online learners to view and participate in the sessions remotely.


To apply for any of our courses on our learning platform click below:

For more information on the courses we offer click below:

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