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Welcome to our new home!

Training in Care has moved premises and you can now find us at 46 Charlotte Street in South Shields. Let’s give you a quick look round!

You can find us in-between South Shields Town Hall and South Shields Interchange:

We've got a big sign in front of the building so we're easy to spot!

Here's a quick view of our main office as you enter the building:

Additional rooms are located upstairs and along the corridor:

Below is our new training room equipped with our digital tracking webcam. Learners are able to join our classroom sessions virtually via our online learning platform, and participate in sessions remotely:

Our student toilet is located opposite the training room:

Along another little upstairs corridor we have additional office space and a meeting room (it's a bit of a labyrinth!)

And last but not least we have our spooky basement; we draw straws to decide who has to go down there! 🕸 🕷

So there we have it, our new home!

We look forward to you all visiting this academic year.


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